Friday, 24 February 2012

Artifacts & Disclaimers

Been almost a month since the last update, seemed like the right time for one.

1. It seemed fair to put a disclaimer at the start of the document. After all we are borrowing from a variety of sources.

2. The following Artifacts have been added to the document: [Waxen Mask 2.0], [Brain Canister], [The Tillinghast Mechanism], [Yithian Pattern Electro-Rifle], [Mi-Go Lightning Symbiont], [Mi-Go Fog Projector]

3. New Rejections
Corruption: [Rot], [Essence Infusion]
Hypergeometry: [The Key and the Gate]

4. Smaller changes: 
-specified that ranks in Mutations (except for [Size]) are not bought in sequence (a (•••) Mutation costs 12xp, not 24 (4+8+12)).
-The third rank power of the Communion Rejection [The Tapestry] has some added text to make it less ambiguous.  "Whenever a person uses a dice pool that relies on Stealth and is non-magical, you automatically pass perception tests to see through it."