Sunday, 10 February 2013

Current Status: Stuck in a rut

Oh, man. 
Almost a year of no real updates.
Been trying to come up with some Sect specific weaknesses like one commenter suggested and while we have a few we just can't find one for Scions that makes sense both fluff and mechanics wise and the Courtiers also needs something more fixed. This is what we have so far and would appreciate any comments:

Starspawned Savants: Must pass a Willpower check to regain willpower from sleep. If failed the Outsiders shares the nightmares of sleeping Cthulhu.
Shepherds of the Silver Key: Choose one effect from Displacement. It's always active at minimum value and always one higher when actual Displacement is gained.
Young of the Thousand: Must pass a willpower roll before they can suppress mutations.
Scions of the Yellow Sign: *blank*
Courtiers of the Black Pharaoh: Random Weakness from other supernaturals or sects. Changes under yet to be specified conditions.

Besides being fixated on wanting to solve this particular part of the mechanics the general lack of updates can be also blamed on the fact that quite frankly we are at a point where our ideas have just run low and are in desperate need of outside (pun totally intended) commentary and ideas.