Saturday, 21 January 2012

Deep Ones

We decided it was about time we actually stated something so, next to the usual stuff, we provide you with a few variants for the Deep Ones.

1.Two new Rejections:
Polymorphism: [Amoeboid]
Corruption: [ƚtgarda's Nurse]

2. In-character comments about the other splats from The Mentor (The Outsider that explains how the Schools of Subversion work) that will serve as an intro for when we write how
Outsiders perceive them. Can be found in the 'Antagonist' section of the document.

3. Deep Ones stats and some basic lore that still needs to be expanded can be found in the 'Antagonist' section.

4. The [Tainted Blood] merit has been added for creatures connected to the Outside, but not Outsiders themselves.

5. Maximum Age per Mythos has been increased to better represent what is seen in the lore.

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