Friday, 23 December 2011

Brainstorming Summary

Much has happened in the week following our 1 year anniversary that I will try to summarize here.


Here you can see a couple of preliminary covers by Steff Worthington, who has kindly offered to do them for us. Note that this is just preliminary work and we will post any new developments here.

For more work by Steff please visit:

2.The Tagline
Steff's work has made us notice, that our current tagline (that sill graces the space under the tile of this blog) is too long and that most WoD lines have them comprised of only two words. As such an attempt to shorten it ensued, resulting in these potential candidates:

"A Storytelling Game of Alien Horror.”
...of Horrible Truths”
“...of Terrible Knowledge"
“...of Monstrous Fates”

Feel free to comment on these or add your own.

3.Ritual Worship
When we first introduced Madness as the power source for Outsiders it was stipulated that it would be hard to gather, since it is the very antitheses of reality where the game takes place. As such regaining it through ritual worship, tho appropriate for the theme of the Mythos, seemed too easy.
During the discussion it was suggested to tie any such mechanic to 'mystic signs and occurrences', the rare the sign the more effective the ritual would be. This would prevent the players from simply grabbing a few cultists and telling them to 'fill u p his tank', but still prevent overly long dry spells that would make the game less fun to play when other methods of regaining Madness ain't available or desirable.

This will be added to the document once we figure out the basic numbers for it.

4.What are outsiders?
Towards the end we discussed what was the Outsiders' place in the nWoD cosmology.
Is the Outside connected to the the Abyss, or are they completely separate and only superficially similar? Are Outsiders Prometheans in reverse, powered by the same source, but loosing humanity as the other gains it?
All points that will serve to better represent the world through an Outsider's (multiple) eyes.

5. Art
A couple of friendly artists provided us with some nice art.


The Outsider nWoD Skull



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