Monday, 26 December 2011


1.Looking over any details we might have missed, we noticed we lacked entries for starting Mythos and Madness, so we added them:

Starting Madness is equal to Quiescence.
For a new character Mythos starts at 1, but the player has the option of raising it up to level 3 using his merit points, at a rate of three per level of Mythos.

2.The Size mutation has been altered to bring it more in line with the creatures one might see in the stories.

3.The [Face of Humanity] Merit, that doubled the amount of time an Outsider could suppress it's mutations, has been removed and it's effect has now been assigned as a faction bonus for the Denier Creed.

4.Basic rules for Ritual Worship have been added, tho it must be seen how they will hold up in practice and are likely to change.

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