Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Still alive

Just posting to say this project is still alive, but we are buried in other work. As soon as we have time we shall bring you new material.


  1. I'm glad, I've been following this. I must say, it's good work, keep it up. Plus, Cthulhu mythos gets a plus in my book.

  2. Well, I've started looking into your work about a month ago, I've got to say, I am impressed.

    One problem though is that... I don't think I read that much about Outsider weaknesses or inabilities. It's a general theme for supernaturals in WoD to have weaknesses or flaws, such as Mage Paradox or werewolves and silver. So, what's exactly leveling the playing field with Outsiders and mortals?

  3. Yes, the weaknesses need a bit more work and any suggestions would be appreciated, but so far we have the following:

    Mutations are hard to get rid of and hiding them requires spending will, so that is an extra drain on resources and the amount of time that they can be hidden is likely to decrease as the character gets more powerful.

    Then there is Displacement that imposes additional social penalties. At higher levels it begins to remove the player from reality, though that would become a real issue only in higher level games or through overuse of the Penance mechanic.

    Also, gathering Madness ain't that easy. Both the Worship and Sacrifice mechanic need time and preparation to execute and Penance gives you temporary levels of Displacement. So if you find yourself in a situation where you don't have access to any of those options you will have to be very careful about your power use.

    The way to avoid all that is to keep a suitably low profile and self impose restrictions on your powers until the time is right.
    At which point you can go on a rampage and end up banished from the world or plunge the planet into eternal darkness, like any self respecting Mythos critter would.

    1. Well, I guess designing mutations is hard. I can probably provide an idea or two. Would like to see things finalized soon.

      These are just ideas at this point, nothing really specific.
      So far, I got subverting the "mankind is helpless" trope. Represented as either succeeding at a willpower augmented roll or getting an exceptional success causes additional things to happen, such as raise displacement or cause penalties. Could only be caused by non Outsiders.

      And perhaps you should provide a Sect specific weakness, perhaps tied to their traits, such as the Calling causes Savants to have problems in high thinking sitiations or making it so they don't regain willpower from sleeping.

      Though, I don't really have anything that can potentially cause aggrivated damage to an Outsider, far as I know, mages don't get an agg damage weakness as well. I guess displacement can be used in lieu of that.

      Hope this helps.